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Martin Bucher at the solar park Pocking

Martin Bucher

Chemical/mechanical engineering, water treatment, biofiltration – these were the first stepping stones of Martin Bucher’s career who dedicated his energy early on to the environment.

After obtaining his degree (diploma), Martin Bucher spent several years in the US as an engineer for a French company. He contributed significantly to the marketability (market access) of large-scale biofiltration projects. The foundation for this success was the Built Operate Transfer Model (BOT-Model) employed by him.

His passion for the environmental field came full circle as founder of voltwerk AG. In the early days of this photovoltaic systems company, even the most attractive projects were not feasible due to economical and financial constraints. Idealism was also required from investors who got enthusiastic about photovoltaic systems – even in the face of low return on capital.

The entrepreneurial enthusiasm and political lobbying (key word: Germany’s law on renewable energies – EEG) of Martin Bucher rendered it possible within shortly that photovoltaic projects of any dimension became economically practicable. Accordingly, the value of voltwerk AG skyrocketed and transformed an environmental organisation into one of the leading companies in the world in this field. As CEO of voltwerk AG, he has proven his competence for many years and gained the confidence of property owners, communities, finance partners and investors.

Upon completion of the world’s largest solar park in Hemau (Bavaria, Germany), Martin Bucher decided to dedicate his scope and energy towards new aims. Ever since, Martin Bucher is highly successful as an independent adviser to a variety of companies, communities and developers.

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